Five Ways To Tap Into Your Right Brain To Relieve Stress

Five Ways to Tap Into Your Right Brain And Relieve Stress
Five Ways to Tap Into Your Right Brain And Relieve Stress

Tapping Into Your Creative, Intuitive Right Brain

This month we’ve been discussing ways to relieve stress and lift our moods. Often words aren’t enough to reach our true feelings or fears. This is where tapping into our right brains, where emotions are processed, can be especially beneficial. Last week when we explored the topic of journaling, I encouraged you to add artwork to your journal as another way to tap into emotions and problem-solve. Today we’ll explore five creative activities to do just that. These can be incorporated into your journal or done separately.

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Five Creative Activities To Relieve Stress

1. Doodling:

Most of us are familiar with doodling. The squiggly, lines and shapes drawn on our class notes in school or on a notepad while talking on the phone. “A doodle… can express emotions too complex for words,” according to Sue Shellenbarger. Gel pens flow well for doodling. The following doodles came from The Wall Street Journal article


A Paper Deadline Doodle by Elizabeth Bales of Seattle
A Paper Deadline Doodle by Elizabeth Bales of Seattle.
Doodles by Samantha Wilson of Southborough, Massachusetts.
Doodles by Samantha Wilson of Southborough, Massachusetts.











2. Coloring:

Coloring in a coloring book can take our minds off of problems or pain. Since repetitive actions are often soothing, coloring can calm our thoughts and anxious feelings. Pick a topic that you enjoy from the many coloring books available. I’ve been enjoying Mehndi Designs by Creative Haven. This page came from it. I used markers, but colored pencils work also. If your hands hurt, markers take less pressure to use than pencils.

Relieve Stress By Coloring Colored by Kathy Forsyth
Relieve Stress By Coloring. Colored by Kathy Forsyth


3. Creating Zentangles:

Zentangles are drawings that consist of repetitive lines that lead to beautiful designs. I think of this as structured doodling. The easiest way to learn this art form is to watch Youtube videos about it such as:

4. Drawing

Drawing people, animals, nature, or still life scenes can also be a way to relax. I’ve been using Drawing Lab For Mixed Media Artists by Carla Sonheim. It contains “52 creative exercises to make drawing fun.” Here is my attempt at drawing giraffes. LOL! Now if trying to draw everything perfectly just increases your stress, by all means choose something else, liking coloring.

Drawing Giraffes by Kathy Forsyth
Drawing Giraffes by Kathy Forsyth

5. Painting

There are as many choices in painting as in drawing, as far as subject matter is concerned. Personally, I’m not fond of mess or smelly paint, but I do like to paint when the mood strikes. I painted this bean bag game board for my church and I enjoyed doing it immensely. My son cut the holes out for me with a hand-held jigsaw. I used Craft Smart Acrylic Paint from Michael’s, because it cleans up easily and doesn’t stink.

Pumpkin Toss Game Board created by Kathy and Joe Forsyth
Pumpkin Toss Game Board created by Kathy and Joe Forsyth

In Conclusion

So let your creative juices flow while you relieve your stress! Just writing this post reminded me of other possibilities. Creating crafts, jewelry making, knitting, sewing, crocheting, woodworking, quilting, and re-purposing thrift store items are just a few that come to mind. The possibilities are endless. Pick something that will relieve your stress, give you a creative outlet, and that gives you pleasure. Your body will thank you for it! Kathy

Artwork created by me including the Pumpkin Toss photo may not be copied and shared without my written permission. 



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  1. Some great ideas here. I like doodling, as long as I can let go of the perfectionism of wanting to ‘draw’ well and just let myself ‘go with the flow’. Not come across ‘zentangles’ before so will look in to that as my next project!

    Caz x

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I was a bit hesitant to show my attempts at drawing, because they were not “perfect.” I really like Zentangles, because with a few repeating lines and dots you can create the coolest designs.

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