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September Link Party With “A Chronic Voice”

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Hello! It’s time once again for our monthly Link Party with Sheryl at “A Chronic Voice.” This month’s prompts are:


I’m trying to get more in touch with my emotions, instead of numbing them out with food, and other distractions. Journaling about them helps to clarify what I’m really feeling. I’m finding my emotions to be really challenging lately. I also talk to God about them. 


I’m confessing to myself and others that I am a sugar addict, because I have no control with sugary foods/beverages. I started the Bright Line Eating Plan Boot Camp in late August. So far, I’ve gone 24 days without any sugar or flour in my diet, and I’ve released 10 pounds.

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My favorite ways to relax are to lie down on my bed, and/or listen to music. I love to listen to anything by The Piano Guys. They have beautiful music videos! Here’s an example: 

I also love listening to praise and worship music! I find instrumental pieces very relaxing. Like this one:

There are all sorts of music choices for relaxation, so it’s easy to find something that fits my mood. My kids introduced me to Chillstep. I’m not a great fan of it, but two of my kids listen to it to fall asleep. I’ve tried meditation music, but most of it gets on my nerves. My massage therapist has a really lovely CD she plays during massages that is wonderful. I’ll find out what it is, and let you know. 

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Romantic Paris


I’m old enough to know about the nitty gritty parts of most things in life, so I don’t romanticize about anything anymore. I remember how naïve I was as a new registered nurse, a new wife, and as a new mom. Oh, how experience bursts our bubbles. 


I hope by sharing my experiences in this blog, that other people realize that they’re not alone. If I can make you laugh, share a tip, encourage you to keep on for another day, or just let you know you’re not alone in your chronic illness journey, that will make my life feel worthwhile.

This completes my answers for September’s Link Party prompts. You can check out other people’s responses here. 

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