Review of “When God Doesn’t Fix It”

Review of "When God Doesn't Fix It" by Laura StoryPin
Review of "When God Doesn't Fix It" by Laura Story
When God Doesn't Fix ItPin

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I recently finished reading When God Doesn’t Fix It: Lessons You Never Wanted to Learn. Truths You Can’t Live Without by Laura Story. It’s a story of how God’s love, and care was revealed to her and her husband, Martin, after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was left with short term memory loss, and vision problems after his surgery. They prayed fervently for him to be healed, but physical healing didn’t come.

So, Laura and Martin had to learn how to function in their new normal. Over time, Laura discovered that there were myths about God that she had been believing. She discusses these myths, and the truths that God taught her during this phase of her life.

Many of us are living with health problems, broken families, or broken dreams. I picked this book up, because of my own struggles with old family issues that never seem to get better, no matter how much I pray. I’m learning that often God doesn’t make our situations all better. Instead he draws us into a deeper, richer relationship with him despite our situation.

This wasn’t an easy book to read, because I was also believing some of these myths. However, this book has helped me to get clarity on my past. It has also given me hope for better things to come while I was in a dark season.

Myths vs Truths of God

Many of the faulty beliefs the author covers, were also thoughts that tripped me up. However, the two myths that resonated with me the most were:

Myth: I Am Defined By My Past

Truth: God Redeems My Past and Gives Me a Future

Myth: I Gain By Holding On

Truth: I Gain By Letting Go

Songwriter Too

Laura is also a song writer and performer. You may be familiar with her song “Blessings.” It has touched many people around the world. You can listen to it here:

Wrap Up

If you find yourself in painful, unchanging circumstances of any sort, this book is definitely worth reading! I highly recommend it!

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