Remembering A Happy Vacation

Remembering A Happy Vacation
Remembering A Happy Vacation

Coping with Stress By Remembering Happy Things

I was wracking my brain for a blog post idea, when I decided to look at some old photos of my favorite place to vacation. Presque Isle in Erie, Pennsylvania, has beaches, a huge lake that has waves like the ocean, plus lush wooded areas when the beach gets too hot. It’s also an easy drive from where I live.

My daughters, sons, and I have many happy memories of vacations there. I decided to share some photos for you to enjoy and maybe remind you of happy memories of your own.

Presque Isle Beaches

The beach side of Presque Isle has many moods as you can see from these photos taken on different days and different times of the day. I love it’s ever-changing moods.

It’s Very Windy Sometimes

On the lake side of the Isle it is often very windy and this whips up white caps in the distant water. This reminds me so much of being at Myrtle Beach on the Atlantic Ocean. Here’s a video showing how windy it is. Even the sea gulls are having trouble flying.

Sea Gulls Trying To Fly Against The Wind

The Interior and Bay Side

The middle of Presque Isle and the bayside are more wooded. Here are some images from some of our favorite things there.

The photo on the left is of the famous Turtle Log, where the area’s turtles like to sun themselves. The photo on the right is of feeding geese on the bay side of the Isle. There is a paved walkway that goes around the whole Isle that is nice and shady on the bay side in the afternoon.

Vacation Memories

My mood lifted as I looked at these photos, and remembered laughter and shared experiences from this vacation. If you are feeling down, pull out your photos and go down memory lane. Life won’t always look this way. This too shall pass.

Wrap Up Of Happy Vacation Memories

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