New Year’s Resolutions, Yes or No?

New Year's Resolutions, Yes or No?Pin
New Year's Resolutions, Yes or No?

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‘Does the idea of making New Year’s resolutions drive you batty? Do you hesitate to set goals or make plans, because your health isn’t cooperative? Do you feel like a failure, because you haven’t been able to keep your resolutions, or meet your goals in the past?

Jo Moss at “A Journey Through The Fog” inspired me with her recent post about why making New Year’s resolutions might not be such a good idea. She says:

January is probably the toughest month for many of us. We feel exhausted and deflated after the excitement of Christmas, the cold weather increases our pain and other symptoms, depression sets in with the darker days and longer nights, and we may be less mobile and feel more isolated.”

“But it’s not just people living with chronic ill-health that find this time of year hard, it’s universally accepted that January is a brutal and stressful month for many, even “healthy” people. It can take all our strength and resolve just to survive – So why do we choose this time to add to our stress and misery with New Year’s resolutions?”

This resonated with me this year, because I’m struggling with a fibromyalgia flare, and an unpleasant stomach reaction to a medication. I feel overwhelmed with daily life, so thank you Jo Moss for giving me permission to not worry about resolutions.

If Not New Year’s Resolutions, Then What?

Last year I was intrigued by the idea to pick a word or phrase that would remind me of something important that I didn’t want to forget in 2018.

So, I picked the phrase “LIVE LOVED” to remind myself daily that even when I feel alone, that I’m never really alone, and that I’m loved by God, my family, and my friends. I wrote it on my planner’s pages, and on my computer. I read it daily, and I believe that it did help me greatly.

This year my phrase is “LET GO.” I seriously need to let go of the past, and situations that I cannot change. I want to step expectantly into each day without the baggage of yesterday weighing me down.

If picking a word or phrase appeals to you, go for it!! If you love making New Year’s Resolutions, go for it!! Do what serves you well, and get rid of what doesn’t.

New Year’s Resources

Here are some resources to help you this New Year’s Day.

  1. The post I wrote last January “A Better Way To Start The New Year”:

2. Jo Moss’s post:

3. If you want to learn about why you may struggle with making, and keeping resolutions, check out Gretchen Rubin’s book The Four Tendencies. This link also includes a free quiz to determine your tendency, and how it impacts your goal setting.

Or if you prefer to listen, you can hear an interesting interview with Gretchen on the Do It Scared Podcast epidode #38 here.

Wrap up

So how will you DO this time of year? Select a word, make resolutions, set goals, or just keep keeping on? I’m planning on just keeping on. That’s enough for me. I’d love to hear what you’re doing in the comments below!!

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Till next time, Kathy

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By Kathryn

I'm a writer, disabled registered nurse, and former home school parent of 6 children ages 19 to 32. I'm also a domestic abuse survivor.


  1. Technically I set a Mantra, “let joy be my compass”, but in all honesty, this has been my mantra for years so I guess I am keeping on to haha

  2. I hope you have a peaceful and healthy year as well, Ruthy! For me, I think letting go is going to be a process of first acknowledging the event, and it’s emotions and finding some way I’ve grown from it, some good that came from it. Maybe writing a letter to it and then throwing it away. I did a lot of writing today and some artwork. I’m hoping it helps me put some things behind me.

  3. I love your theme of let go. It’s something I need to work on too! I know in theory holding onto the past doesn’t really do much good, but it’s harder to put into practice. Hope you have a peaceful and healthy year 🙂

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