What’s On My Pandemic Playlist

What's On My Pandemic Playlist
What's On My Pandemic Playlist

During this pandemic, I need to listen to calming, encouraging music to keep my anxiety in check. For this post, I want to share five of my favorite You Tube videos. These videos are helping me to stay calm.

The first one is relaxing guitar music set to peaceful aquarium scenes.

By Yellow Brick Cinema

The second one is the song Know (Be Still) by Jeremy Riddle.

The third music video is Lean Back by Capital City Music.

The fourth video is piano music set to peaceful aquarium scenes. I switch back and forth between this video and the guitar one listed above.

By Yellow Brick Cinema

The fifth You Tube video is Waymaker by Michael W. Smith featuring Vanessa Campagna, and Madelyn Berry. This is a live worship song.

Wrap Up

Do you listen to music to help you manage pandemic anxiety? What music are you listening to? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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Stay safe! Kathy

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