My Bright Line Eating Plan Update

My Bright Line Eating Plan UpdatePin
My Bright Line Eating Plan Update

Well here I am in week 10 of the Bright Line Eating Plan, and I’m thrilled to give you this update! If you missed the post about the beginning of the 8 week Boot Camp you can read that here.

Wins on The Bright Line Eating Plan

I have gotten rid of 24 pounds of weight during this Boot Camp!

I no longer have constant stomach upset and heartburn!

The number of headaches has drastically reduced.

Overall, I’m feeling better.

The program has great support people! Someone is always available online, since it has followers around the world.

My winter jacket used to be very tight. Now it’s comfortable.

My cravings are GONE!

Challenges of The Bright Line Eating Plan

It takes planning and preparation to follow the plan for all your meals, but it gets very easy with time.

When you aren’t stuffing emotions with food, you’re suddenly faced with the scary task of “feeling” them, and dealing with the issues involved. 

If you cheat on the plan and eat sugar/flour your body may rebel violently. For example, after 24 days of no sugar or flour, I ate a small slice of pizza, and a dish of ice cream. My gut was not happy for 3 days!

You may grieve the loss of the foods not on the plan. I did up until I unwisely ate some. Now I’m good most of the time. Stores are still difficult, especially check-out lines.

Consequences of the Bright Line Eating Plan

People I haven’t seen in a while notice that I look “brighter” and slimmer. My doctor said that he almost didn’t recognize me!

Also, my clothes are getting very loose. Since I weeded out everything I wasn’t wearing before my spring move, I’m going to need to hit the thrift store soon.

My blood sugar is now back in the normal range for fasting! And the dose of my immunoglobulin infusion has been decreased! Both things to celebrate!


I plan on continuing to follow the Bright Line Eating Plan, and someday reporting that I’ve gotten to my goal weight. I never dreamed of getting back to what I weighed in my 20’s, but with this program, I have hope that I’ll make it. 

I know that I will have to guard my bright lines, and not assume that sugar will never grab me again as I scored the highest score on the Susceptibility Quiz. However, this program provides all the tools needed for success, if I just keep using them with every meal. For the first time in decades, I feel hope. 

If you are an emotional eater, and struggle with food controlling you instead of you being in control of food, this plan is definitely worth trying! Click here if you would like more information about this eating plan. If you want to read the next Bright Line Eating Plan Update click here:

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Till next time, Kathy

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By Kathryn

I'm a writer, disabled registered nurse, and former home school parent of 6 children ages 19 to 32. I'm also a domestic abuse survivor.


  1. 24lbs is incredible, but more incredible is not having the tummy upset or heartburn and having less headaches, that’s brilliant to hear. Glad to hear it’s been a beneficial thing for you to embark on, I think you’re doing really well! xx

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