May 2021’s Link Party

May 2021 Link Party with "A Chronic Voice"Pin
May 2021 Link Party with "A Chronic Voice"

It’s time to check in with Sheryl at A Chronic Voice for her monthly Link Party. This May 2021’s Link Party prompts are Pushing, Stretching, Disciplining, Preserving, and Thanking. Sheryl provides prompts each month. Those who want to participate write a reply using the prompts she’s gives. All of the responses are collected on her site at the bottom of each link party post, for all to read. I missed last month, so I’m chiming in this month.


This month I’ve been working hard on the book I’m writing. Somedays I have to push myself to just sit down and write. It’s a 40-day devotional about healing from an abusive marriage. I’m almost half-way through the book mapping process. Writing a book is a lot harder than I thought. However, Flourish Writers is providing me with the tools and support that I need to do the organizing part of this project. They offer courses, virtual retreats, and the Flourish Writers Academy. If you’re a Christian writer they are the place to go for help.

The other thing I’m pushing myself to do more of is help my daughter and parents with their gardening. I have to pace myself carefully, but it feels so good to get my hands in the dirt for a bit. I was really missing my yard and garden this spring. I’ve been in an apartment for the last 3 years.


Lately, I’ve been teaching my parents how to use a tablet. My mom is 84 and my dad is 87. They are slowly getting the hang of it. On Saturday, I set up Zoom for my mom so we could participate in my daughter-in-law’s baby shower. This was a real stretch for my mom, because she had never done anything like it before. By the end of the party she was enjoying it quite a bit. We even took a few selfies together with my phone.


I went off my eating plan this past winter, and I’m really struggling to get back to it. I know what I need to do, but my desire to follow through is low. I’m doing a lot of journaling and working through emotions and issues with a therapist. Ultimately, it’s not a problem with self-discipline as much as I use food to comfort myself when I’m upset about things. I’m hoping that as I work through these issues that the overeating will take care of itself. At this point I feel like a two year old whose been told “No!” one too many times. ):


One thing I’ve learned in this pandemic is to cherish every moment with my family and friends. I’ve been spending more time with my parents just enjoying each others company. Below is the best selfie I got of my mom and me last Saturday. Preserving memories is so important while we have our loved ones with us. By the way, my parents and I are vaccinated against covid-19.

My mom and IPin
My mom and I.


I’m thankful for all my readers and friends in the chronic illness community. I would have been so lonely during this pandemic without all of you. I’m also really thankful for my family and local friends and for the ability to get outside now that the weather is nice.


May 2021 Link Party Wrap-Up

I hope wherever you are in this world, that you’re getting a chance to do some things with your family, and enjoy the outdoors. Want to read more Link Party posts? Click here: Till next time, Kathy

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By Kathryn

I'm a writer, disabled registered nurse, and former home school parent of 6 children ages 19 to 32. I'm also a domestic abuse survivor.

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