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June 2019 Link Party

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Updated 12/19/20

I’m almost out of time for June’s Link Party with Sheryl at A Chronic Voice, so I better get on it! This month’s prompts are Repeating, Wondering, Turning, Getting, and Desiring. Thank you Sheryl for hosting these get togethers.

Wondering & Getting

According to dictionary.comwonder is a verb to think or speculate curiously; to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel…”

I’ve been wondering if I can write a book. I’ve been wondering if healing from domestic abuse would be a topic that others would want to read about. The writer’s retreat that I attended last weekend helped me to realize that the answer to both those questions is yes.

After attending the craft sessions, and the small group writing workshops where we read each other’s writing, and offered critique to each other, I now feel more confident in my writing ability. I also got validation for the topic of my book.


Now that I’m home from my Writer’s Retreat, I’ve been in major resting mode. Resting after going to events or places is something that I need to build into my schedule over and over again. Without enough rest I’m asking for a fibro flare, asthma attack, or an infection. So rest it is.


This June I’m participating in this summer’s Index-Card-A Day Art Challenge given by Daisy Yellow Art. It runs form June 1st to July 31st. I’m returning to this challenge again this summer. I made it from June 1st to early July last summer. Each day you create any kind of art on an index card. I’ve been posting my cards on my upbeat_living_blog Instagram page. So far I’ve made a card for 25 days. I did have to catch up as I didn’t have time during the retreat to do art cards.


My greatest desire right now is for more energy. That’s really frustrating me, because my head is full of plans, and words, and I’m too pooped to pop.

June’s Link Party Wrap-Up

That’s my answers to this month’s prompts. Hop on over to Sheryl’s site to read what others are up to. If you’d like to read my replies to last month’s prompts click here to access them.

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Till next time, Kathy

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