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January Link Party With “A Chronic Voice”

January Link Party with A Chronic VoicePin

January Link Party with A Chronic Voice


January Link Party

It’s time for January’s Link Party with Sheryl at A Chronic Voice. This month’s prompts are:

January Link Party


2017 Reflections

I’ve been really reluctant to do any reflecting back on my 2017 or any real planning for 2018. Part of that is because most of my plans get altered due to my health issues, and there was a significant amount of altered plans for me last year.

For example, I had to stop teaching my kindergarten and first grade Sunday School students. I just didn’t have the energy any more. I also couldn’t help on the day of a fundraiser that I had spent hours working on. I had struggled for the first three months of the year with endless colds and coughs and when the day came for the fundraiser, I was down with bronchitis.

My energy level sucked, even though I was dutifully walking my dog each day per doctor’s orders.

My garden had three foot tall weeds in it. They are still there to this day, just dry now with snow at their bases. The son that helped me with gardening moved out the summer before.

Then there were family changes. My oldest daughter bought her own home, and moved into it in early June. She left the Chihuahua with me. That poor dog cried all night for two weeks straight. I couldn’t let her upstairs, because she has accidents everywhere. She used to sleep with my daughter.

Another son moved out as well, and my youngest child started his last year of high school.

I’ve spent hours throwing out clutter and filling donation bags in preparation for selling my house in 2018. We’ve done some painting and repair work. Mostly my boys have. Whenever I’ve tried to help, I’ve ended up in pain for days afterward.

Farewell 2017!


Last January, I wrote a post about choosing an intention or word for the new year instead of making New Year’s Resolutions. My word last year was FOCUS. I chose it, because I needed to make some decisions and my thinking was scattered all over the place. I’ve decided where I want to live, and when I need to apply to the apartment building, and when to put my house up for sale. I guess I did gain some focus in 2017. LOL!

My word(s) this year are LIVE LOVED. Too often I forget when I feel lonely, that I am loved by my family, friends, and God. I have many changes happening this year, and I don’t want to forget that I’m not alone, and that I’m loved. I decorated the cover of my planner with these words.

Live Loved in 2018

I also want to continue to aim for self-compassion, and practicing self-care in 2018. After all, no one else can do this for me.


I’m entertaining the crazy thought of collecting what I’m learning in this whole downsizing-phase-of-my-life into an e-book. I’m reluctant to commit to anything though, because of my health. I would cherish your thoughts and feedback, my dear readers.



I’m looking forward to a week long vacation at Presque Isle in Erie, Pennsylvania the first week of July. This is my favorite vacation place and looking forward to it, is a bright spot in a busy, crazy year. I love Lake Erie’s beaches, wetlands, and forests. It feels like being at the ocean with waves, yet you’re at a lake with steady winds. The whole family will be there. We haven’t had a whole family vacation in years. I’m hoping it provides many happy memories and refreshment for me and my kids.

Lake Erie


Then my youngest son will be off to college, and I’ll have to figure out my new life in an apartment; just me and Dottie, my Chihuahua. And hopefully all of my online friends will still be here as well.

I hope your January has enough promise in it that you don’t feel depressed, and no pressure to perform. May we be gentle with ourselves.


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Till next time, Kathy

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