January 2023 Link-Up with A Chronic VoicePin

January 2023 Link-Up with A Chronic Voice

It’s time for the January 2023 Link-Up with Sheryl at A Chronic Voice.

According to Sheryl, “The link-ups are a monthly writing support group for anyone with a chronic illness, mental illness or disability. An opportunity to share, support and learn from one another through shared writing prompts.” Anyone is welcome to take part. January 2023’s writing prompts are: Summarising, Crossing, Moving, Rebuilding and Expecting. I always enjoy joining in and reading what others are up to.

January is a good time to review when you last took care of preventative health care. When was your last teeth cleaning? Your last eye exam? Do you need to replace filters for air cleaners or water filters? Buy new tubing for oxygen or CPAP equipment?

January is National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month in the United States. Have you had a Pap test within the last 5 years? I recently learned that at home Pap tests are now available for people who are homebound, unable to get onto an exam table, or have trouble with pelvic exams due to trauma.


Thinking about 2022, I went back to see which of my posts were the most read and shared. The following posts were my most popular:

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Managing Stress When World Events Make It Hard


Word for 2023 artwork, January 2023 Link-Up
Word for 2023 artwork, January 2023 Link-Up

I have never had less enthusiasm for a new year than I’ve had this year. I’m really tired physically and emotionally. It just feels like more of the same old-same old. I picked the phrase “Stand Firm” because I’m tired of always being thrown off course by other people’s opinions and expectations. This year I want to stick to my boundaries and my sense of value instead of always bending to fit others’ wants.

So, I said “No” to a volunteer task that I’ve tried to get out of for the last two years, and I haven’t completed the tasks that usually need done in December. Last year, another volunteer said to me, if I keep doing what I say I’m not going to do, no one will take me seriously. Ouch, but true.

I think I’m really working at building self-worth. Not rebuilding it. I’m not sure I’ve ever possessed it.


In 2023, I plan to keep making slow, but steady progress on my devotional about healing from domestic abuse. I’m in the revision phase. Writing a good book takes way more time and energy than I thought.


I have few expectations for 2023. I’d rather be pleasantly surprised instead of disappointed. I plan to do each day’s tasks and look for each day’s joys. Taking one day at a time. I’m sure 2023, like all years, will have its challenges as well as joys.

Wrap-Up of January 2023’s Link-Up

I’m looking forward to reading what others are sharing this month. Click here to see what the other participants have to say in January 2023’s Link-Up: https://www.achronicvoice.com/2022/12/28/january-2023-writing-prompts-chronic-illness-disabilities/ Scroll to the bottom of the page.

If you’d like to read past Link-Up posts, click here: https://www.upbeatliving.net/category/link-party/ They used to be called Link Parties.

Till next time, Kathy

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