Holiday Prep With The FlyLady's Holiday Control JournalPin

Holiday Prep With The FlyLady’s Holiday Control Journal

It suddenly dawned on me that October is almost over, and the holidays will be here before I know it! At this time each year I start my holiday prep. It’s time to get out the FlyLady’s Holiday Control Journal and start planning. Planning is so important with chronic illness and pain. When we don’t plan well, pacing becomes very difficult to do. When we don’t pace ourselves well, we get flare ups of our symptoms and/or we get ill with a cold or other germ. Flares and illness do not lead to enjoying the holidays. So, enter the FlyLady’s Holiday Control Journal. I’ve been using this journal to help me plan my holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s) since 2014. You can get your free copy here:

The Fly Lady: Finally Loving Yourself

The Control Journal covers getting your home ready for the holiday season, meal prep, shopping lists, gifts to buy or make, travel plans, holiday traditions/decorating, and budgeting for your holiday expenses. Her website has daily Holiday Cruising Missions that began on October 19th. You can sign up to get these in your email inbox. The missions are meant to take 15 minutes. I suggest reading the first missions, but if you’re crunched for time or energy start with Mission #2 since that one has you set up your Holiday Control Journal. Don’t worry! You are not behind! Just start where you are.

Things I Really Love About The FlyLady’s Holiday Control Journal

What I really appreciate are the 15 minute tasks that focus on holiday prep little by little. Yes, it may take me longer than 15 minutes due to fatigue or brain fog, but they are doable in a day. FlyLady also includes self-care in her missions which is so needed and so often ignored. At least by me. For example, Mission #3 has you checking your gift wrapping supplies and writing down on your To Buy list what you need. The next time you go shopping you have this list and know exactly what you need. Weird right? Thinking about wrapping supplies in October. You’ll be really unhappy though when you go to wrap gifts in December and discover that you’re out of tape.

When I checked my gift wrapping supplies, I discovered that I just had ends of paper left on my rolls. What looked like three rolls of Christmas paper wasn’t. Now I know to add wrapping paper to my To Buy list.

Another idea that I love is imagining that you are going away on a vacation for the first three weeks of December. With this imaginary vacation in mind, plan out everything you will need and want to do for Christmas before your vacation. FlyLady suggests doing this so when December arrives with all it’s busyness, we can relax and enjoy ourselves instead of feeling frazzled. I’m all for that! Less stress, more enjoyment. This planner can easily be used for any holiday or celebration.

Just in case you’re really traveling for the holidays you can use her Packing Control Journal so you don’t forget anything. To see all the Cruising the Holidays content on the FlyLady’s website click here:

Wrap-Up of Holiday Prep

I hope this post gives you some guidance and inspiration to not procrastinate about planning for the upcoming holidays. The Holiday Control Journal has been a great help to me for 10 years now. If you want to read how I use the FlyLady system to keep my house clean read this post:

Last, I want to share something I enjoy watching. Last winter I discovered a YouTube channel called Diane of Denmark. Diane does short videos of how she works the FlyLady system. She also adds Hygge and using a Capsule wardrobe to her video’s. I enjoy watching her because she has so much energy and she does ice swimming! This video has a bit of Halloween fun in it plus another tip she uses to help organize her holiday planning. Use what works for you! Happy Halloween!! Uhygge!

Till next time, Kathy

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