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Have Some St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Sometimes you just need more fun in your life! It’s been a long winter season here, and I’m really looking forward to spring. So here is a post all about fun things to eat, watch, and do for St Patrick’s Day Fun!

“St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the life of Saint Patrick—the patron saint of Ireland. This influential missionary has been credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. St. Patrick’s Day takes place on March 17 each year because St. Patrick’s death is believed to have been on March 17, 461.”

Learn All About St. Patrick’s Day, by Kelsey Pelzer

The following article contains the above quote plus Learn All About St Patrick’s Day History Facts, Trivia, and Banning Beer?!

St. Patrick’s Day: History, Origin, Facts and Trivia (2021) (parade.com)

Ever wonder how the Shamrock got associated with St Patrick’s Day?

“We wear a shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day because, legend says, St. Patrick used its three leaves to explain the Holy Trinity in his teachings. (The Trinity is the Father, the Son, and the Spirit as three divine persons who are one divine being [God].) The truth of the St. Patrick legend, however, is in question, as there is no direct record that the saint actually used the shamrock as a teaching tool.”

St Patrick’s Day by the Editor’s of The Old Farmer’s Almanac

You can read more about St Patrick’s faith in the following article:

St. Patrick’s Day 2021: History, Folklore, Recipes, and More | The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Time For A Joke Break

Joke Of The Month
Joke of The Month

Irish Food

No holiday celebration is complete without food! Check out this next article for yummy recipes to try. I’m going to see if I can find some corned beef.

50 St Patrick’s Day Recipes That Will Bring The Luck of The Irish To Your Dinner Table

Irish Blessings & Proverbs

The Irish are famous for having many blessings and proverbs about life. Here’s one of my favorites:

Irish BlessingPin
Irish Blessing

The Harry Potter Movies & Ireland

I would love to visit Ireland someday, mostly because it looks gorgeous. Also, because my father’s side of the family emigrated from Ireland. But now I have another reason to visit. I discovered in the article below that there were two Irish locations used in the Harry Potter movies. If you, too, are a Harry Potter fan, check this article out:

Harry Potter In Ireland-All You Need To Know

Wrap Up Of St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Finally if you’d like to add some Irish music to your festivities, you can click here to listen to some Irish folk music. https://www.upbeatliving.net/how-to-travel-world-during-pandemic-part-1/

This post is written from the perspective of an American. However, I wanted to include how the Irish celebrate this holiday. I learned that many Irish people where a corsage of green shamrocks on their right breast. We Americans are the ones who wear green clothing, and drink green beer. To learn about more differences click here.

Till next time, Kathy

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