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Feeling Blue? Five Happy Songs To Lift Your Spirits

Feeling Blue? 5 Happy Songs To Lift Your SpiritsPin

Feeling Blue? 5 Happy Songs To Lift Your Spirits

In honor of Black History Month, I’m sharing happy songs sung by black artists. Listen to some of these happy songs and feel your blues and stress melt away. Choose joy!

In case you need a reason to listen to happy songs, a research study from the University of Missouri found that:

“listening to an upbeat song can lift your mood. But this only works if you’re consciously aware you’re trying to make yourself happier by listening to the songs.”

Now you’re ready to make yourself feel better by listening to these songs. (:

Happy by Pharrell Williams

I don’t understand all of these lyrics, but this song is so upbeat and always gets my toes tapping.


Dont’Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin

This song reminds me that I have a choice of how I respond to life’s challenges. Bobby has a beautiful voice! And he can whistle really well!


All Night Long by Lionel Richie

I’ve always loved Lionel Richie’s songs, but I’m particularly fond of this one. I love the Latin beat and the silly video reminds me of growing up in the 70’s. This one always gets me moving to the music, even if it’s only in my chair.


I Smile by Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin is a new artist to me. I only recently found him on YouTube. My favorite lyric is “I know God is working, so I smile.”


Good Morning by Mandisa

This was the very first song of Mandisa’s that I had heard. It was released in 2011. It always reminds me each day is a fresh start and a gift. If you aren’t a morning person, I suggest listening to it whenever you wake up. It will get you moving with it’s peppy beat.


Wrap-Up of Happy Songs

I’ve found that I don’t cope well with my chronic illness life when I forget that God loves me and is working things out for my good. Without Him I’d be a complete mess. Happy songs only help so much. If you’re really struggling, God is right by you waiting to help. Want to learn more? Read here:

I hope this post helped bring some joy to your day. Till next time, Kathy

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