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February 2019 Link Party With “A Chronic Voice”

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Since February is a short month, I didn’t want to put this off too late. It’s Link Party time!! Thank you, Sheryl, for hosting this event every month! This month’s prompts are:


I’ve been in a fibromyalgia flare for 1 1/2 months now. This has required a lot of adjustment! My worst pain is in my ribs, upper back, upper chest, and neck, so every task is taking so much longer to do. I’ve also been extremely tired, while having trouble sleeping. Grrr! And my IBS is acting up. So much fun!

Add in very cold, wet, snowy, windy weather, and I’m stuck indoors. So, I’m also dealing with depression. Can it be spring now?


I know that this flare will calm down eventually. I know that winter will be over in a few months. These thoughts help me be hopeful.



It’s hard for me to feel like I’m accomplishing anything other than surviving when in a flare. However, I know from past flares that I have to stop pushing myself and rest. Deep breathing, and meditation do help to quiet my mind when I remember to do them.


I’ve been keeping in touch with friends and family through phone calls, and texts mainly. Due to the bad weather and flaring, getting out has been impossible at times. So it’s really important for me to keep interacting with people so I don’t feel so isolated.


This feels like such a sleepy time of year to me. All I want to do is hibernate. I’m looking forward to spring when flowers start to pop out of the ground. When mother birds are busy feeding their babies. Awe, when the tree pollen starts bothering my nose and eyes. LOL!


Maybe, I better appreciate the right now. Like, when my soft fuzzy blanket feels so comforting. And that steaming, fragrant cup of decaf Chai tea is so warm in my chilly fingers. When my dog, Dottie, snuggles close, because she’s cold. Awe, yes, the pleasures of February.

Wrap Up

So that’s my February Link Party answers. How would you answer these prompts?? I’d love to read what you have to say, so please comment below. Check out the rest of the party answers here:

If you missed last month’s Link Party, you can read it here:

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