The Best Cold Packs For Pain Relief

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The Best Cold Packs For Pain Relief

Updated 9/7/2020

Disclaimer: There are no affiliate links in this post. Please consult your health care provider before using cold therapy!

This post is an answer for the question, “Can I recommend a favorite cold pack?” This question came up in response to My Favorite Pain Relief Tools: Part 2.

Gel Cold Packs

I mainly use cold packs for joint and back/neck pain. Most of my experience has been with the cheap drugstore gel packs, but my favorite one came from my chiropractor. I’ve had it for at least 5 years. It came from a chiropractor supply company.

The cheap gel cold packs always get a hole in them somewhere, and start to leak gooey gel everywhere. To extend their life, I put mine into a freezer zip-top bag, and wrap a towel around the bag during use to sop up any drips.

The Cold One

Cold One Knee Wrap

I won a knee ice pack from Cold One during an arthritis give-away contest. It keeps cold for over an hour which means it will do the job for the 15-20 minutes recommended. It has easy to adjust Velcro straps. However, it’s hard ice cube-shaped cold areas make my knee cap hurt when using it strapped on while sitting up. When I just lay it over my knee with my leg stretched out it’s better. For me, wearing it while sitting or upright would not be comfortable at all. The Cold One comes in a variety of shapes for all body parts.

The Chattanooga Colpac

In my research Chattanooga Colpacs kept popping up as one of the best as far as staying cold for 30 minutes, able to conform to body parts, and quality construction. These are used by many Physical therapists, so they should be durable. However, I’ve never tried one at home.

The Top 10 Cold Packs of 2020

According to this article, Top 10 Cold Packs of 2020, you pick a cold pack depending on what you need it for. The article covers everything from ankle/wrist packs, to large flat ones for your back. This article written by Gabrielle Taylor, has some great information!

Azmed Ice Bag Cold Pack

The author’s #3 pick is an Azmed Ice Bag. (Imagine that…an old-fashioned water-bottle style is in the top three.) It doesn’t leak, and is great for migraine pain and smaller needs. The exterior is cloth. You just need a supply of ice cubes. I’ve never used this brand, but definitely used them growing up.

Therapaq Flexible Cold Pack

Her #2 pick is a Therapaq Flexible. It has long, wide, Velcro straps, and comes in shapes/sizes for a variety of body parts. Can be used hot or cold. I’ve never used this one either.

Neck-shaped Flexikold Cold Pack

Her #1 pick is Flexikold Gel packs. It’s used by physical therapists, and molds easily to any body part. I’ve never tried this one either.

Here’s someone else’s review of this ice pack.

I’m considering getting a Flexikold Gel pack shaped for my neck, because it’s a pain trying to hold my squarish gel pack on my neck.

Wrap up About Cold Packs

I hope this post helps you pick a quality cold pack! Remember: Don’t put ice packs on bare skin. Limit time of icing to 15-20 minutes, and leave ice off for several hours to prevent damage to skin and nerves.

Please leave any comments or questions below! Your question just might inspire a future blog post!

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Till next time, Kathy

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By Kathryn

I'm a writer, disabled registered nurse, and former home school parent of 6 children ages 19 to 32. I'm also a domestic abuse survivor.


  1. Ooo some good picks, I quite like the look of the Therapaq Flexible. I’ve been using my Therapearl gel eye mask almost religiously lately for constant headaches and migraines. I’ve been meaning to look at getting something bigger to keep in my freezer to try for my neck/shoulders and lower back. Heat can be great, but sometimes cold is ideal, so it’s good to know there are a few different styles for all needs & body parts!
    Caz xx

    1. Hello, Caz! Hoping your headaches ease up soon! Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment. I’ll have to check out the Therapearl gel eye mask. I missed that type of cold pack.

  2. Great review, Kathy! I’ve always just used frozen peas and the gel-filled cold packs. I’ll have to check out some of these and will share this for my readers.

  3. This is a great list. Pinning for future reference. I will be needing to replace some of my cold packs in the near future and this post will be helpful in my choosing new ones.

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