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The How and Why of Napping

The How & Why of NappingPin

The How & Why of Napping

In August and May’s Link Party posts I mentioned the topic of napping, and how I felt I could benefit from a daily nap. However, I’ve not been able to fall asleep when I’ve tried. Which truthfully, I’ve only really tried 2 or 3 times. Adrianus Helderman emailed me about the topic of napping, and shared his comprehensive napping guide.

This napping guide has got me rethinking not only napping, but also sleep. Adrianus covers the types of naps one can take and the pros and cons of each. The guide covers so much more about sleep, for instance, what happens when we don’t get enough, and how to optimize our sleep.

A Comprehensive Guide To Napping

Adrianus also provides a checklist to help you figure out if now is a good time for a nap or not. Since he’s done all the research and a great job at that, please check out his guide:

We would love to hear about your napping experiences, what works for you, and any tips you would like to share. Please comment below or at the bottom of the Guide.

Wrap Up

Since reading this guide, I’m ready to experiment with napping again. Thanks Adrianus for puttng this guide together. I’m going to try a 20 minute nap again. This time I will use my sleep mask and set my alarm. I’ve decided that 3pm is when I’ll try as I’m really tired then. And I’ll put my phone where I have to get up to reach it.

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