August 2021 Writing Prompts With "A Chronic Voice"Pin

August 2021 Writing Prompts With “A Chronic Voice”

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken part in Sheryl’s monthly writing prompts link-up. You can read all about how to join in here. This month’s writing prompts are Wandering, Catching, Compartmentalizing, Regenerating, and Visiting.


This summer I’ve been wandering in the world of writing and publishing. There is just so much information on these topics and so many opinions that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with too much info. I am working on a devotional book about healing from domestic abuse as a Christian woman. My writing got pushed to the side for most of June and July. I was helping family members instead. I’ve outlined my book and had it reviewed by a writing coach. Currently, I’m writing the beginning sections. I need to just finish my first draft and stop allowing all this information to distract me.


I was sick last week with a fever, stomach pain, nausea and a headache. For the past two months, I’ve been overdoing it and eating too much fast food. I guess everything has caught up with me. It’s time to step back and take care of me.


Have you ever responded calmly during an emergency, only to fall apart later. This is an example of compartmentalizing. As a nurse, I did this a lot. Eventually, I got so good at it I forgot to come back and feel my feelings. Shoving our feelings into the background is really only helpful when we take the time to deal with them later.

In order to improve my fibro symptoms, I’m trying out the Curable app. I’m hoping it will help reduce my pain and stress levels. Journaling has helped me deal with my emotions in the past. Lately, I stare at the blank page. Maybe I don’t have the energy to write. This virus is kicking my butt. I’ll write a review on how the Curable app works for me in the future.


When I think of regenerating, I think of renewal, like when flowers shoot up in the spring and the trees sprout new leaves. As I work on my book about healing from domestic abuse, I hope my trauma journey will help someone else renew themselves after theirs. Some days, I don’t really feel like I’m growing and becoming new. Some days, I feel like the same timid little girl I used to be. I guess regenerating takes time.


I’ve spent a lot of time visiting with my grown children and my new grandbaby this summer. It’s been so nice to get together and not worry about this never-ending pandemic. As the numbers of cases rise again, I find myself filled with sadness. Half of my family members don’t believe in getting the covid vaccine for various reasons. The other half got the vaccine. I’m sick and tired of this endless argument about whether the vaccine is safe, and why we need to wear masks. Who would have thought that a pandemic would show such a rift between people? Grrrrrr!!!!!

Wrap-Up of August 2021 Writing Prompts

This wraps up my answers to August 2021’s writing prompts. I hope you all are having a pleasant summer/winter. You can read other people’s replies here by scrolling to the bottom of the page:

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Please leave a comment below with any thoughts or questions. Till next time, Kathy

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