April Link Party with “A Chronic Voice”

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April Link Party

It’s time for our April Link Party with Sheryl at A Chronic Voice! This month’s prompts are:


First, I have to say thank you to Sheryl for sharing the video of her baby bird hatching. I was surprised at how large their eyes were. I too  marvel over the beauty and power of nature. Below left are some daffodil bulbs in a pot, that I’ve been watering for a month. They were a gift last spring. Every day I’ve looked at those dry stems and wondered if they would ever sprout again. Last week I saw a green tip peeking through the dirt. How do dry dead-looking bulbs sprout into beautiful flowers? It’s one of those mysteries that I marvel at each spring.









The second photo is of an African Violet plant that my daughter gave me last summer. It was just a new cutting then. Now it has about ten buds on it and it’s huge. I can hardly wait to see it in full bloom. I’ve never seen such a large African Violet before!

My daughter got this cutting from an acquaintance’s mother’s African violet plant. It amazes me that this cutting came from a plant decades old. Apparently, even old plants can create vibrant new plants.


My simple flip phone died. So I recently splurged on a smart phone. I hope I won’t regret this decision. I’m definitely slow with technology. I’m so tired, however, having to tell people that I can’t see their messages because I have a “dumb phone!” Or having to log into group me to see pictures on my computer, because flip phones don’t let you share photos.


I’m continuing to declutter and pack up my belongings for my upcoming move. We’re continuing to do home repairs, cleaning, and painting before placing my home for sale. It’s a huge amount of work and I’m TIRED! Below are some pictures of my kitchen. It used to have wide green and white striped wallpaper on the walls. Now it’s white. We needed to repair some broken floor tiles as well. The picture on the bottom is the contents of the pantry in boxes with the pantry cupboard laying on it’s side near the hutch. Making Easter dinner was stressful, because few things were in their usual places.

Once I get the baseboard heater painted, we can replace the pantry cupboard.



















Balancing (or the lack there of)

I’m really struggling with balancing my health issues with the chaos of prepping my home to sell. Last week, Second Son used a week of vacation to help repair and paint the kitchen, and upstairs bathroom. Even though I used a dust mask and had the kitchen taped off, my lungs rebelled and I now have bronchitis. This has my usual tired exhausted! Exhaustion leads to not thinking clearly. I got confused yesterday about needing to pick Third Son up from school. A rushed twenty minute drive later, and I couldn’t find him, so I freaked out. I rushed back home, because Fourth Son needed the car to go to work. Because my cell phone is dead, he couldn’t reach me, so he freaked, and called around to find another ride to work. We were both frazzled!

Apparently, I was told that Third Son could use First Daughter’s car that day to get to and from school. I can’t remember that conversation at all. To top it off, the organization I volunteer with is having it’s annual fund-raiser this Saturday, and all I want to do is crawl into bed.

So how do I balance all this mess?? I cancel physical therapy. I eat leftover Easter dinner food. Hard-boiled egg anyone? Drink lots of fluids. Do my breathing treatments, and keep telling myself that it will all be okay one way or another. Breathe. Lie down more. Pray. Listen to Christian worship music. And share my struggle with you all, because I know you understand.


At this stage of my life, I’m investing a LOT of energy, thought and carefully considered, limited funds into preparing my home to sell. I’m hoping and praying that what gets painted and repaired will lead to a quick sell. Otherwise, paying rent and a mortgage each month is going to be a real financial struggle. I want to stay positive and trust that it will all work out easily, but I know from many experiences that things usually don’t work out smoothly. I guess that’s what we do when we invest in something. We expect a good return on our effort. Hope. What would life be without it?

Conclusion Of April 2018’s Link Party

Well, there you have my April Link Party responses. How would you answer these prompts? I’d love to read your answers!


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Till next time, Kathy

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